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The Five Tenets For Successful Dental Website Design

The Five Tenets For Successful Dental Website Design

So you’ve finally made it—no longer serving under someone else’s established practice, you’ve taken the leap and opened your own dental practice. Congratulations, let’s get your marketing campaign going, your PPC budget set, implement some patient retention measures, hone in on some conversion KPI’s and of course, oh yeah—how’s your website coming along?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed yet? No worries, when opening your own practice for the first time, if you aren’t stressed out beyond belief, you are not human. Getting a dental website designed properly is more than just centering the design around dental marketing in Texas. It’s easy to get stuck in that thinking like, “Hey I got my website, it’s built for dental marketing, I have my services listed and my experience on the front page, I’m good!”

Sadly, as one of the leading dental marketing agencies in Texas—we see this scenario all too often in new or struggling practices that come to SiteJab DDS to get turned around and drive growth and revenue. If getting the right dental website design for your practice seems like a tall and complex order, it’s because IT IS.

It’s not enough to go out buy a template, slap your logo and services on it and throw some money into Adwords and hope for the best. When our dental marketing agency in Texas takes on a new client we always develop their website from the ground up with strategies that we’ve developed over the years with the top dentists in Texas.

Dental Website Design Tips From The Top Dental Marketing Agency In Texas

So, the question you are probably asking is, “What defines a good website for a dental practice?” The answer is best broken down into 5 major tenets that exemplify proper dental website design. 

Design That Is Clean, Customized And Visually Appealing

The homepage of your dental website is going to give the first impression of your practice. It is up to you to determine if that impression is good or bad, and the key is in the design.

The design of your homepage can turn patients away and cause them to click the back button, or it can draw them in and cause them to explore your site and more importantly—your practice and offerings.

So then, what is the SiteJab DDS “magic formula” to drawing patients in at first sight? Clean, customized and modern styling that has an easily navigable layout that directs patients to information YOU want them to see. We see all too often, dentists paying a lot of money for a dental marketing agency in Texas and beyond, only to have an ineffective website. A website that just throws all of the practice information on the front page without any clear direction or flow. This leads to patients having to hunt through content and it also muddles or makes non-existent, the message you are trying to impart to patients. The proper way to layout your site is to be clean, concise and structured—with a subtle but important push to convert them with a call to action. 

Just as your practice is your own as well as your brand, your website should be your own too. Buying a template on Wix and just filling in your info will not do your practice justice and will turn patients off for its lack of authenticity. SiteJab DDS custom-designs each of our client’s sites to match their practice culture, atmosphere, and mission among other identity factors.

Custom Content That Drives Conversion

This tenet is one of the most often overlooked and underrated when it comes to dental website design in Texas. Having unique and original content that is unique to your site is not only important to stand out among other practices, but also is important when search engines like Google crawl your site. Google scans your content and compares it with similar sites to make sure your content is both relevant to your key search terms and that it is not plagiarized or lifted from other sites.

Getting your marketing agency to create real original content requires a specialized dental marketing agency that actually knows the dental industry inside and out. An agency that keeps up with industry news, new technology, and has top dentists in their organization as consultants. 

SiteJab DDS has partnered with some of the top dentists in the country as industry consultants. This drives not only our content creation but our approach to front office management, customer service, and ad campaigns—it’s real dental marketing, inspired by real dentists.

Because custom content doesn’t just mean spouting details about the various services you offer, the bios of your staff or the accolades of your dentist— an honest examination of your practice philosophy and your approach to dentistry is conducted by our team. 

This important step allows SiteJab DDS to transform your philosophy and culture into words that convey that to patients visiting your site. We combine that with the emotional importance of a healthy smile and the clinical solutions to achieve a better smile through your most profitable offerings—dental implants, cosmetic procedures, and other profitable procedures. 

After all, you are here to help your patients—but you’re also here to be as profitable and efficient as possible. We help you deliver on all of these goals and content is a key component of that.

Unique Photos, Videos And Client Testimonials

Video is one of the most effective marketing tools not just in dental marketing but digital marketing in general. However, in dental marketing, video is especially powerful because through videos that document patient’s stories you reach potential patients on a very personal and emotional level.

Through these videos, you can tell a relatable story of one patient, and personally reach thousands of people just like that patient—that is engagement that is far more effective than any written copy can ever create.

You can also use video to capture the culture and compassion of your staff. Smiles are very personal and people are often insecure when dental problems prominently impact their smile. Showing a genuine personal side of your staff can be a very attractive draw to visitors to your site. It also adds to the credibility, humility, and humanity of your practice.

SiteJab DDS has had tremendous success using our seasoned creative professionals to produce, direct and film effective and highly engaging patient and doctor testimonial videos that have at the very least doubled conversion from our existing client’s sites. 

Optimized SEO

One of the main reasons we even exist as a dental marketing agency in Texas is because our deep ever-evolving knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Dentists that trust us with their practice focus on the art of dentistry and let us focus on the analytical art of SEO. It plays a major role in the success of a dental website and while SEO strategy is not some secret code, it is quite difficult and very time-consuming.

Dentists want to use their time to practice their craft, not splitting it between learning SEO and performing dental implant installations or applying veneers. Our SEO specialists dig deep and research many different factors in your market that dictate how we create content for your site, the navigation, the links we include as well as the rich content such as video or animations.

We never stop analyzing your site as factors are dynamic and never remain the same. It is that constant changing of variables in the SEO environment that drives dentists to hire dental marketing agencies to manage this for them.

Your Website MUST Be Responsive

When we talk about a responsive dental website, we don’t mean responsive as in responding to patients contact. We are talking about websites that realize whether the website is being viewed on a desktop, tablet, phone or another mobile device—and displays accordingly in a layout that is compatible but matches the overall design.

Mobile traffic accounts for over 55% of internet traffic today and with a new, significantly faster generation of networks and devices on the horizon, that number is expected to skyrocket quickly.

The bottom line—your website must function, feel and look just as good as it does on a desktop when it’s viewed on a mobile device.

This responsiveness also has an added advantage over older non-responsive sites. Google boosts the ratings of responsive sites so they are more visible in search results. There is also added compatibility with smartphones such as click to call features and instant customer service contact modules. 

SiteJab DDS Knows Dental Marketing And Websites

Our duality of experience in both the dental industry and digital marketing comes from our partnership with some of the top dentists in Texas. When combined with our Google Partner certified experience of over 20 years in digital marketing—we set your practice up for success.

Contact us today to speak with one of our dental marketing consultants to grow your practice and your qualified leads with SiteJab DDS.

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